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Just follow Plan B!


to row the atlantic in december 2024

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As a rowing team we are very ambitious. We are creative goal-driven thinkers with a vision focused on the future. Therefore we have linked a charity to our trip. The climate crisis is putting us all in danger. Young and old. Black and white. Left and right. It is a disaster which affects us all. The seriousness of this Climate and Biodiversity crisis has now reached the living rooms in every home and finally penetrated its way in to all serious political parties. Nobody can deny this hard reality. We believe that a green and sustainable world can be achieved and that we can collectively achieve a sustainable systematic change. A future that is good for everyone regardless of their origin.

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Just follow Plan B!

La Gomera

Just follow Plan B!




The premier event in ocean rowing – a challenge that will take you more than 3000 miles west from san sebastian in la gomera, canary islands (28on 18ow) to nelson’s dockyard english harbour, antigua & barbuda (17on 61ow). the annual race begins in early december, with up to 30 teams participating from around the world. the race structure brings together an environment where teams from across the globe gather in the race village san sebastian in la gomera, canary islands.

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Just follow Plan B!


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

A true love for sports and always busy doing all different kinds of sports, that is Saskia Villanueva. With a Spanish father and a Dutch mother she grew up in the Netherlands. Saskia is a two times UFC (Ultimate Forces Challenge) winner and used to tough challenges. About a year ago she saw an appeal from a team with a mission. A mission to row across the Atlantic Ocean. They were looking for a standby rower…

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Just follow Plan B!


““Fall seven times. Stand up eight.”

After several years of doing no sports at all, Jacoline Alkema discovered Cardioboxing Dordrecht. There she found her passion for sports and became more fanatic during the next years. She participated in several events like obstacle runs, marathons and Meet The Marines. Jacoline is a warrior who will never give up. She may fall, but will always stand up to reach for the sky.

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