"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"

Albert Einstein



The climate crisis is putting us all in danger. Young and old. Black and white. Left and right. It is a disaster which affects us all. The seriousness of this Climate and Biodiversity crisis has nu reached the living rooms in every home and finally penetrated its way in to all serious political parties. Nobody can deny this hard reality. We believe that a green and sustainable world can be achieved and that we can collectively achieve a sustainable systematic change. A future that is good for everyone regardless of their origin.

As a rowing team we are very ambitious. We are creative goal-driven thinkers with a vision focused on the future. In their private lives Saskia and Jacoline both like outdoor sports. As they do so, they always see a lot of plastics floating on the rivers or thrown away in Natural Park the Biesbosch.

In nature, there is no waste that does not decompose. Humans, however, have invented plastic which will always be ‘unnatural’ in the environment because of its properties. Making plastic is inexpensive and the applications of the material are endless. Because plastic is so widely used, it almost always ends up in the environment, causing more plastic pollution.

We, humans, are the source of plastic pollution; the plastic soup starts on our very own doorstep. But together we can do much more to stop plastic waste than we think! We have therefore decided to raise funds for the Plastic Soup Foundation.